Newsletter March 2015

Newsletter March 2015

Timetabling trials on Telica

Timetabling trials on TelicaEvery teacher knows that the start of a new school year inevitably brings some teething troubles with the timetable. It can’t be helped. Plans carefully worked out in the office sometimes look very different when put into practice by real people. This is a challenge the Nuevas Esperanzas team is facing as the sustainable tourism project for the Telica Volcano reserve enters its second year.As part of the project, a cooperative has been formed, made up of thirteen people from the communities closest to the volcano. Developing this cooperative is as complex as building an intricate machine. It is as if the various parties involved represent the moving parts – if all are working out of sync, the initiative grinds to a halt. In a recent team meeting, members of the Nuevas Esperanzas team discussed the difficulties of coordinating efforts in order to build a strong cooperative. Find out more here about how the discussion developed.



Sustainable solutions:

a0061acd-ab38-45ee-9797-fe8263023473Starting with people not problems In February 2015, Nuevas Esperanzas embarked on a collaborative project with Project Gettysburg-León (PGL), a non-profit organisation from Pennsylvania which runs various projects in communities around León.One such community is Talolinga, a few hours’ drive into the mountains. Five years ago, PGL began implementing projects such as an art club for children and improving agricultural knowledge. Despite ongoing efforts, progress was uncertain, and PGL decided to evaluate the state of their projects. The organisation then approached Nuevas Esperanzas for assistance as the team has extensive experience in project assessment.In order to understand the status of projects in Talolinga, Nuevas Esperanzas spent three days in the community completing a census. Members of the team visited every house in pairs of one man and one woman, ensuring people felt comfortable talking with the surveyors. Whilst collecting basic information about every resident, the surveyors also asked about PGL and the work that they had done. Once all homes were accounted for, the next step was to conduct a Participatory Rural Appraisal. Read more.


The 3 peaks challenge – 19th-21st June

05b37bdd-a116-4bd2-9f63-c04c4ca4dd86How would you like to join Nuevas Esperanzas director, Andrew Longley, in the 3 Peaks Challenge on 19th-21st June? The Three Peaks Challenge is an attempt to climb the highest peaks in Scotland, England and Wales in ‘one go’. These peaks are Ben Nevis in Scotland, Scafell Pike in England, and Snowdon in Wales. The challenge takes place over a weekend with travel to Fort William on the Friday, starting with Ben Nevis on the Saturday morning, climb Scafell Pike that night and finish Snowdon on Sunday in Wales! There is a warning though: this is a tough event and people participating should have the necessary fitness and also be prepared to do without sleep! The aim is to complete the event in 24 hours – this means needing to complete Ben Nevis in 5 hours, Scafell Pike in 4 hours and Snowdon in 4 hours.So far three others have signed up to join Andrew but he would love to have more people. He hopes to raise £1,000 as well as keeping fit and having a great weekend with friends. Book your place here.


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